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Sunday July 20, 2003

I have once again created a website for our little family.  So much has happened I don't know if I could possible go into all the details of everything.  But just to kind of sum up. 

I was in New Jersey for a while, selling home security systems.  I was doing rather well, but Alicia decided that she wanted me to come home so I came back.  I am really glad that I did come back because I love Alicia so much and couldn't stand to be away from her.  So now I am working at, and that has been pretty good.  I basically call people to renew their subscriptions with 

Alicia is finally starting to show.  She is such a cute pregnant woman.  I am so excited that we are going to be having a baby together.  He is going to be such the cutest little baby boy.  The due date is the 16th of September.  That will be a few weeks after school starts. 

Alicia and I recently went on a vacation.  That was a wonderful thing.  We went down to Houston.  Alicia and I got a week in her parents condo time share program for our graduation.  It was so nice to just get away for a while.  The best part is that we didn't have to do anything!   Most of the time we just spent together in the room relaxing.  Although other things that we did included spending time with Shaun and Kelli Stracener, going to Lake Conroe and renting a waverunner for an hour, visiting the Houston Space Center with the Historic Mission Control Center and visiting Denton at his showroom.  It was quite the fun vacation.  One of the highlights also was when we left to go to Houston, we got to the airport only to find out that our seats weren't together, actually they weren't even close to each other.  So when we got to the gate, I went up and asked to see if we could sit together.  After a couple minutes of waiting there the lady said that the best she could do is find two seats that are one in front of another.  She kept the tickets and said she would see if there was anything else she could do and would call us up when she found some seats.   She never did call us up, but when I went up to get our tickets she apologized for not calling us up to get them.  I looked and saw that we had seats 1A and 1B.  I thought that is was great that we had the exit row seats because that would mean that we would have more leg room, plus I like to get off the plane as quickly as possible.  So when we got in the plane we noticed that our seats were in first class.  I couldn't believe it, we were sitting in first class.  When we sat down the guy immediately came over and asked what we wanted to drink.  They even brought out a hot towel before they brought us our wonderful dinner.  It was great having plenty of leg room and nice big leather chairs.  That was something that I will never forget.  It made riding back in coach that much harder, though, because we had very little leg room. and we were rather cramped up.  You can find pictures of our Houston trip in the photo album section of our web site.