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The Jackman Journal

Volume 3  
Sunday, October 31, 2004

We'll miss this Place
-Alicia Jackman

Our time here in Cedar City is coming to a close. I used to be excited to move up North closer to family and friends, but now... It's sad to leave the friends we've made here. Cedar has been a great place for Bob and me to relax and enjoy the slower traffic!

We have been so blessed with me getting the training position back at Convergys here in Cedar so Bob could have time to study and prepare for Student teaching. It's been a challenge finding babysitters for Damon, but there were so many people willing to help us out. Not to mention the great work atmosphere at Convergys. Work feels like play most of the time!

Damon is growing up so fast it's hard to catch up with him. He is running around the house, climbing onto whatever he can and talking on Bob's phone so much that it's died!

Senior Recital
-Bob Jackman

Okay, so I finally got my senior recital done. It was so good to finally get that out of the way. It went well. I was pleased with my performance and the great audience that came to see it. It was especially fun to have it broadcast over the Internet. Thanks to all those who tuned in. I hope to have something soon for those of you who missed it.

-Damon Jackman

I may have drooled a little into Dad's Cell phone, but that's it! I can hold my own conversation on the phone now, and occasionally laugh.

Being Bam-bam for Halloween let me be what I truly am. Hitting everyone with my club was lots of fun.

This month I got the chance to conduct the SUU Band during a home game. (To see photos go to the Photo Album). In-fact Dad thinks I'm going to be a conductor like him when I grow up. Mom thinks it's funny that I have to sleep with my conducting baton at night.

I am looking forward to having three new cousins in February to play with, since I won't have a brother or sister anytime soon! I'm the ONLY child!

© 2004 Robert Jackman