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The Jackman Journal

Volume 9  
Sunday, May 7, 2006

Beautiful Day!

-Alicia Jackman

We had a wonderful Blessing Day today! Kylie got to wear a beautiful dress that her Grandma Deana knitted for her. Kylie is such a little angel in our lives. Bob gave a very sweet blessing and was great during it too, since that is one of our biggest fears is to have your child crying through the whole blessing.

Damon is still so sweet to "his Kylie." He is such a big helper for his mommy. I love not having to worry about Damon hurting or smothering her, is is so careful with her and anyone that gets around his sister. I look forward to them playing together.

Bob is such a wonderful father and loves having his little girl. They pretty much just take naps together for now, but I'm sure they will have fun times ahead!

This past week my dear friend Ramona and I have been switching off babysitting so we can each go to the Gym, and WOW what a difference that can make in your whole day. Just to have some a lone time and feel good when you get home. It's been fun to slowly fit back into my clothes again!

We found out this week that Ramona is going to be moving to Missouri about September and we are so sad to hear this. It's a great thing for her and her family. It's hard to have this dear friend, so close to our hearts, move from us when she has taught me so much and blessed our lives so much. I guess it's time for her to move on so that she can bless other lives and make me step out of my "comfort zone" and let my heart find new friends. We are going to miss them terribly!

Big Brother
-Damon Jackman

My sister is pretty cute, but I can't wait till it gets warmer outside because I want to play out in the pool. Mom's a little scared that I can now open the front and back door and escape when I want. I know that cars can hurt me in the road, so I can't go out there without holding Mom or Dad's hand.

I help set the table now, and am still working on using the potty more. Mom & Dad say they are sick of my stinky poops!

I also help Mom mow the lawn, vacuum the house, give Kylie a bath and watch Braxton & Emma when they come to play. I was sick today with a cough and didn't go to Nursery. I really missed it!

Hope I feel better soon so I can go to church on Sunday.

Teaching & Learning
-Bob Jackman

Well, we are coming up on the last month of my first year of teaching. I have learned so very much this first year. It has been amazing to me to see how much I have grown and the students have learned. I know that I need to continue to learn every day to provide a great education for my students. I look forward to a great end of the year concert.

I really want to thank Alicia and Damon for all the support that they have given me. Alicia has been understanding in me being away so much of the time. I know that I would not have been able to do this without her. Thank you Alicia and I love you very much!

Bob Jackman

© 2004 Robert Jackman