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The Jackman Journal

Volume 11  
Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Sitter
-Alicia Jackman

You know, the summers really do go by too quickly, and we had a very fun summer this year. It's also nice to be back into somewhat of a normal schedule and have life slow down a little.

Being that school is back in, Bob is teaching most of his day, then off to the U for his Master's program classes. He is lucky to see his children before bed some nights. He has been working so hard with his work and taking care of us at home. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Man taking care of us.

I have been busy with watching other people's children and Damon has been so good to play so well with the other children that take over his room and toys. Kylie loves it when friends come over, especially the ones her age. In this picture I was trying to see what costumes we may already have that would work for Halloween this year. Damon wore that pumpkin outfit when he was only a month old at his first Halloween. Kylie's 7 months old, although, I don't think it'll fit when Halloween's here.

Damon is such a great boy. He LOVES Superhero's if you can't tell! He's had a fun 3rd birthday and hopefully we'll have a potty trained Damon soon (cross your fingers.)

Big Boy
-Damon Jackman

I am not two anymore, I am Three!!! I am crazy about Spiderman, Star Wars, and Superhero's of any kind. I love playing with my swords and Light sabers. Sometimes I hit my friends instead of the lightsaber and the light sabers go to a time out.

Sometimes I like to sing by myself the Sunbeam song, or any other favorites I feel like. I like to help Mom around the house, and especially help her make brownies or cookies. I like helping Dad make Pizza, help with Kylie and wrestle Dad.

-Bob Jackman

(To be added....)

© 2004 Robert Jackman