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The Jackman Journal

Volume 15  
Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hot Summer Time!
-Alicia Jackman

This has been a great summer already! Bob has finished his second year teaching and did a a great job. He is taking classes at the U this summer as he works on his Masters in Music.

I was able to do a lot of Babysitting again this year and have the summer off. I am actually looking forward to only watching the cousin Braxton in the fall and no one else so I can spend more quality time with the kids. We have been enjoying the warm summer weather inside! :) We have also gotten ourselves back to the gym after months of being absent and I have been feeling so much better lately.

Damon is one amazing little boy and big brother. He's always asking to help and is so good at saying "Thank you" and "Please". I'm excited for him to start Pre-school with new friends.

Kylie is so fun! She is already asking for her "baby" and cuddles and loves and takes care of her "baby" when she's still a baby herself. This week has been especially fun as she will blurt out new words and find out she's said them right!

This should be a fun relaxing summer for me and the kids.

Daddy Day!
-Damon Jackman

I am 3 years old and when I'm 4 I will go to pre-school! I have my back pack already for Miss Melanie's class that starts in September. On Mother's day and Father's day I sang to Mom & Dad with the Primary in Church and they both teared up since I knew all the words and sang so well. For Daddy day we went to Boondocks and golfed and rode in fast cars and Daddy got to hit baseballs. Also this summer I went to Ragging Water's with Aunt Kate which was SO FUN!! I love Summer time!

Summer Baby!!
-Kylie Jackman

I am growing up so fast! Yesterday I folded my arms when we had prayers at Family Home Evening and suprised everyone. Damon taught me how to sign "more" and I'm very excited to ask for "more" when it comes to desserts! I like to tease daddy by calling him "mommy" and daddy loves it when I nod my head uh huh! I love to cuddle with Mommy and remind her "I'm baby". I love to find my belly button and Damons, and Daddy's! Of course I'm walking, climbing stairs and climbing on and off chairs. I'm one adorable little girl!

School School and More School!
-Bob Jackman

(To Be added... when he can pull himself away from the books!)

© 2004 Robert Jackman