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The Jackman Journal

Volume 19  
Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Holidays!
-Alicia Jackman

Wow! It's hard to believe this year is almost over. Seems time can fly at times.

This has been a great past month and really... great year! We are excited to celebrate another Christmas with our fun kids. The kids have been so cute to watch as the weather has changed and they LOVE the snow. Kylie is still new at what you do with it, as she tried to ride her bike down the driveway and didn't get far; where Damon wants to eat the snow.

Bob's been really busy, but very possitive through all the stress that work and school can bring on.

There are so many things to be grateful now and all year long! We have such wonderful and loving families and friends that we can have good times with and help suport each other.

May you each recieve all that you wish for this Holiday Season!


The Jackman's

Santa Please bring me...!
-Damon Jackman

We had a fun Thanksgiving. I surpised Mom & Dad with how much I like Turkey. Kylie really likes the cranberry sauce (because Mom put sugar in it).

I got to help Aunt Kate decorate her Christmas tree with lots of pretend candy canes. We decorated our house with Christmas decorations and listen to Christmas Music. My favorite song is "I'm getting Not'in for Christmas." I also like the Christmas shows, especially the 'Merry Christmas Charlie Brown' movie.

Merry Christmas!

-Kylie Jackman

I'm almost 2, but I think I'm already 2, so I can have my tantrums and get and do ANYTHING I want to. I now climb on anything and everything to turn on & off lights.

I love to carry the baby Jesus round the house and pull (and throw) all the ornaments off the tree.

I like this Christmas thing!

About Bob!
-Bob Jackman (by: Alicia)

We don't expect Bob to ever return at this rate! :) He is now in the end of his last semester at the U with his Master's program as far as classes. He will have a Final tonight then a 10 page paper by next week, then all he has left is his project and MASTER'S Degree! Yahoo! We will be bringing home the big bucks! :)

Bob's Christmas Concerts with Ft. Herriman are on Monday & Tuesday nights Dec. 10th & 11th at 7pm if anyone wants to come listen to come good Middle School Christmas Music.

Other than Work & School... we don't see Bob much here at home, but when he is we have a lot of fun.

We are so proud of our hardworking Daddy!


© 2004 Robert Jackman