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The Jackman Journal

Volume 20  
Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year!
-Alicia Jackman

2007 was quite an eventful year for us, and I am so looking forward to this new year. Setting new goals for myself and just having a better year.

Some of our goals this year is going to the Gym as a family and now that we're back down to one car, we really do have to go as a family and hopefully we will be able to accomplish this as a family. Also with having one car, we're hoping we can save more money and pay off some debts that last year has put on us.

I love spending so much time with the kids and having friends come for play dates.

Happy New Years everyone and hope you have a wonderful, happy year!

-Damon Jackman

I just had the show-and-tell bucket this week on Mammals. I am learning about animals and how they are different. Ask me what a Mammal is and I can tell you! I also am learning how to pour my milk, cereal and setting the table for Mom.

I like playing with Brynn's kitty Linx and being a big brother to Kylie. I help her say her prayers and am good at saying sorry if I accidently hurt her.

-Kylie Jackman

My birthday is coming up and I am getting so big. I got a kitchen set for Christmas and I'm learning to be a good cook. I talk so much now. Mom says I'm gorgeous, and I tell her, "my name is Kylie."

Masters here I come!
-Bob Jackman (by: Alicia)

We are so proud of our daddy. Bob has worked so hard on his Masters degree. This last semester he still pulled off good grade even with his busy schedule. He now has only his project to finish and will graduate in May. We are so excited for him to finish!

Teaching has been great this year. The students just get better and better each year. Bob likes to order new music all the time for the kids and make playing fun.

He has been big at helping the new schools in Alpine School district design their music rooms. Pointing out things that music rooms should have.

He has also helped other teachers and students in other schools use Smart Music for practicing.

Bob is always going the extra mile. Love you dad!

© 2004 Robert Jackman