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The Jackman Journal

Volume 21  
Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Time!
-Alicia Jackman

Spring time brings on lots of new and fresh ideas into our home, and this year we have already experienced some changes.

After the absense of our second car (thanks to my parents) it has been a little challenge to figure out the whole car situation each day. My dear husband bought me a Honda Pilot which I am enjoying hauling the kids around so we're not always stuck at home. Thank you hun!

We also doing some home repairs that keeps me on my toes with children all around. We should have working basement bathroom done soon, and a painted garage (Bob doesn't understand why that needs to be done, but the new addition to our family needs her own room!-The Honda! :))

-Damon Jackman

Damon is such a great boy. Not only is he a great Big Brother, but he's my helper with the kids that I babysit. He is learning so much with our Family Home Eveings and his Primary class. It's fun to watch him Choose the Right.

Sunday Damon gave his first Primary Talk. He chose to talk about his favorite Prophets. He did such a great job with a little help from Dad. Way to go big boy!

Terrible Two's!!
-Kylie Jackman

We thought the Terrible Two's were really in the 18th Month, but with Kylie it is definately 2! Kylie is our little chatter box, but I guess that's what girls do! She is also big into Princess and the color Pink. Oh... and she loves to have her nails painted... so girly!

She adores the "baby" Brendan that we babysit (he's 15 months old!). She is turning into quite the little Mother. We love our adorable Chunk of Love!

Call Me Master!
-Bob Jackman (by: Alicia)

He has finally done it! Bob has finished his Master's Project and will be graduating with his Masters in May!

What a wonderful relief this has been! What a hard working and dedicated Father & Husband we have too.

Way to go Bob!

© 2004 Robert Jackman