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The Jackman Journal

Volume 24  
Sunday, NovemberDecember 16, 2008

-Alicia Jackman

Isn't it funny how we can be so busy as Moms, then wonder... what did I do all day? This is how I've felt the past couple months, yet there's so much great things that have happened for us.

Bob has been doing really well with teaching this year and feels way better not going to school himself. He has been able to enjoy the students improvement and finding fun music for them as well. I have enjoyed subbing for his classes as he's had conferences to attend. It's amazing how much I grow to the love the kids and especially to watch them get better and better at playing.

Damon is growing so fast! He can now ride his bike all by himself and asks to go out every morning to ride it. When I was sick he took it on him to fix Kylie and me Breakfast and just take care of me. What a sweetheart!

Kylie is my little fire girl. She doesn't do disapline!! Although, she has actually been initating the whole potty thing the last couple days and we have been dry all day yesterday!!! Wouldn't that be nice to not have to buy diapers!

I just love being with the kids and enjoy their fun, loving spirits. They are excited for the little things in life that make me appreciate all that we have.

Bob has been such a great support for us as we have had our own trials to deal with. He always amazes me how much he can love and serve his family.

May all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be grateful for all that has come your way.

Love, Alicia

Biker Boy!
-Damon Jackman

I just learned how to ride my bike, and I love riding my Spiderman bike I got for my birthday. My Mom and Dad take me to the skateboard park, which is my favorite place. I also am a big helper for mom and teach Kylie how to be a good girl.

I go to Preschool and know how to spell my name and am learning how to read small words, I can also write small words and am sounding out words. I'm growing up too fast Mom says.

I did a good job at the Primary Program at church. I had my scripture memorized and Grandma & Grandpa and my Aunt Kate came to see me! I love them so much!

I don't want to!
-Kylie Jackman

I have my own personality and it can be good and a challenge for my Mom and Dad. I like being in Diapers, but I can't play at IKEA playground if I wear diapers....so I started using the potty! Mom gets so excited when I do!

I also am good at riding my bike like Damon. I think I can do and say and be just like my Brother. I like to copy him because I love him so much.

When I see you I will ask you what your name is and what your favorite color is. My name is Kylie and my favorite color is pink... oh... and I'm 2! Or 6 depending on the day! I still love princess stuff and like dressing up like my friend Isabel does. She just turned 3 and she is fun to play with.

I am a princess and I get what I want!

Busy Bob!
-Bob Jackman

Things around here have been kinda getting better. I planned out the whole quarter all at once. It was a crazy two weeks working to plan out six completely different performing groups, but I managed to get it done. Since then my stress levels have gone down. I have also quit some of my extra curricular activities in an attempt to get caught up. Things are starting to get a lot better. Now I just need to start working on my National Board Certification.

Marching Band finished great. We had a fun time in California. I really enjoying playing at the beach and swimming in the nice waves that we had that week. Disneyland was fun, as always. There were not a lot of people there, so we hardly had to wait in line at all! It was great. I told Alicia that next time she HAS to come with me. It just isn't as much fun without her.

I really am grateful for Alicia and all that she does for me. I don't know where I would be without her. I love her so very much! I'm also excited to see Damon and Kylie grow up. Damon can ride is bike without training wheels and is daring enough to go on the big ramps at the skateboard park. It is fun to watch them get bigger. But hard as well!

© 2004 Robert Jackman