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The Jackman Journal

Volume 25  
Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmasl!
-Alicia Jackman

What a wonderful time of year! It's so fun to enjoy Christmas when you have little kids. I have been surprised to find our kids haven't tried opening presents before Christmas, although I did catch Kylie pigging out on her chocolate advent calendar the other day!

This past year has been quite eventfull. Bob has finished his Masters degree, and the kids are growing up. We are enjoying life together as a family and count our many blessings this season. Our kids are healthy, happy and so cute together. They are the best of friends and hope they always will be. I am also so in love with my husband more now than ever. He is such a support for our family, so patient and lets not forget-AMAZING Cook! Love ya!

May each of you have a wonderful, festive holiday full of Love and Family.



Mommy Kissing Santa??
-Damon Jackman

I have been facinated with the Christmas season, Halloween is still my favorite, but I have enjoyed Christmas. We decorated our house, made a gingerbread house, and watched lots of Christmas cartoons. I like that the Grinch gave back the toys and had a big heart at the end. I also like learning more about Santa and keep asking Mom and Dad questions. Like, "Does Santa bring toys to kids that don't have a chimney? We do, so I know I'll get toys!" I got Kylie a Christmas present that I have put a lot of thought into. I know she will love it, and I just know that Santa's bringing me what I asked for! Mom said I have been a good boy this year! Hope you have too!

I want...!
-Kylie Jackman

Mom took me shopping to see what I wanted for Christmas, and every princess thing I saw I WANT!!!! I'm not quite sure about this whole waiting till Christmas... I got Damon a present at the store and I keep trying to tell him what it is... but Mom won't let me. We're supposed to keep it a secret, but I am so excited for him to see what I got him. I love my brother very much and want to be just like him. Infact I've asked for a Dora Sword that Mom and Dad can't seem to find. Damon likes weapons and so do I, but I also like Dora and Princess stuff!

Merry Christmas!

Bah humbug!
-Bob Jackman

Okay, Alicia put that title up there. I have been incredibly busy with work. Three concerts this month has kept me busy and really stressed out. But they are all over now! The students did really well. All were great concerts. I even threw pieces at them at the last minute, and my Symphonic Band actually sightread Rudolph in the concert. They did quite well.

I'm most excited to spend time with my family at this time of year. Damon is very excited for Christmas and Kylie is getting so big. She's a big girl, when it's convenient. Alicia has been extremely supportive and is always helpful. Sometimes too helpful when she puts all my stuff away at work and I can't find it! I love her very much.

Another year is over! I can't believe it! Time just goes faster and faster.


© 2004 Robert Jackman