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The Jackman Journal

Volume 26  
Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Yearl!
-Alicia Jackman

Wow, it's another year! Klinks expresses it best when I think of 2008. This year is going to be definately more restful and meaningful year!

I have set myself a bunch of goals and so hoping I can keep them this year. I have been so motivated to improve myself, organize my life and enjoy my husband and children more this year than ever!

This year I also want to be closer to friends and be more thoughtful in word, in gifts and as a person.

Good luck to everyone on your New Years Goals!



-Damon Jackman

My next birthday I will be 6 (in September) and I am so excited to start Kindergarten this year. I'm already trying to spell words and read words. I want to be big and help with everything! Kylie watches my every move so I need to CTR, Choose the Right, so I can be a good example for Kylie.

-Kylie Jackman

Just call me Princess! I still think I get everything and anything I want! I am growing up fast! I'm now Potty Trained, and learning words along with Damon. Mom doesn't understand how I can be so smart, and tall for a 2 year old! I'm going to be 3 in Feb., and you guessed it... it will be a Princess Party!!

Happy New Year!
-Bob Jackman

Another New Year! I have a lot of new years resolutions. Let's hope that they last a lot longer than last year. It seems sometimes I can write these down and just pull them out again next year. But I definately have some things I want to accomplish this year. Last year I got my Masters finished, and that was a great thing.

I don't know what surprises this year will bring for us, but I am excited to see what comes. The kids are getting bigger and they are more fun then ever!



© 2004 Robert Jackman