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The Jackman Journal

Volume 28  
Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Timel!
-Alicia Jackman

Okay, it's been way too long since we wrote in our Newsletter. Now that we have a blog I could say that's our excuse, but we haven't wrote much there either!

I am so excited for this summer. Bob just finished teaching and should have a nice summer break, but you know how he is, always doing extra stuff! Damon just finished Preschool, and Kylie is excited to have everyone home too.

We got Lagoon season passes again this year and have been a bunch of times already. Damon is now tall enough for the big rides and begs us to go on Wicked, Colossas, and especially Wild Mouse. We've been so many times now I think my stomach can't take it anymore. Kylie is content to ride the little rides, but is a big fan of the new Jumping Dragon.

As far as summer plans, my baby brother Logan is getting married!!!!; we also have a trip to Lake Tahoe planned, probably the Zoo, and hopefully a lot of lazy days in the back yard as the kids play in the pool.

Yes, our other big news is baby #3 is on his way! William will be arriving in October and we are excited to have another one in the family. Damon has a new bedroom downstairs, and Kylie got a "princess" bed, and baby's room is all ready for him. (we are a little excited)

Hope this summer is fun for all!

Love, Alicia

Big Brother
-Damon Jackman

I am excited for my new baby brother William to come. I was begging Mom to have a boy so I can have a baby brother, and I got to see in the ultrasound that it was a boy! Good job Mom!

I graduated from Preschool and I am READY for kindergarten! I know what teacher I want and I'm so excited to start. I went to my Dad's work and got to practice writing my name in all the yearbooks that the kids gave me to sign.

I love Lagoon, playing with my sister (although I enjoy teasing her right now), playing with my friends, and working hard on my chores.

-Kylie Jackman

I am learning so much lately, good and bad. My brother is my biggest example and I want to be smart just like him. I have my own chores that I work on, and am learning how to spell words just like my brother.

My Aunt Kate is taking me to the Princess Festival this summer and I'm so excited to go! I love being a princess and spinning around in my fancy dresses.

Summer Break!
-Bob Jackman

(We'll see if Bob gets a chance to write anything here. School I know was a wonderful challenge for him this year. He is excited for a break, but will do work stuff throughout the summer I'm sure. Especially with organizing his music library.

Bob has planned a Middle School convention in Las Vegas, another work related trip to Midway, and of course plans to help out the High School Marching Band.

Bob's a great hard working Father & Husband and we miss him here at home when he's working hard!)



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