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The Jackman Journal

Volume 29  
Sunday, October 4, 2009

-Alicia Jackman

Again, we have taken forever to write in here. Things have changed SO MUCH since we last wrote. Kids are in school, Bob has a new Job, and we have a new member of the family. Things have really changed and change can be good!

Damon started Kindergarten and LOVES it! He was a little too excited at first and had a problem talking too much while the teacher was, but he has improved that. He has started reading and counting money, and counting to 100. It's fun to help him with his homework and watch him catch on to what is trying to be taught.

Kylie has started Preschool and is so smart thanks to picking up everything Damon learns. She is learning social skills and has actually told us that Alyssa ALWAYS sits by her friend Thomas. (I think she was getting a little jealous!)

When Bob decided to go to work for Chariott Group instead of teaching, I think I had a harder time with it than he did. I loved watching his students progress through the years. I liked subing for his classes and getting to know the kids. Bob loves his new job and is still involved with schools but more on the teachers level to help improve teaching in the classrooms.

William arrived a few days early and we are so excited to have him here. He was born 8 lbs 9 oz and 19" long, so yes, a BIG baby! But maybe that's why he's doing so well with lifting his head up and looking around. I'm actually really grateful for Bob's new job since he is able to work from home so much right now. It has really helped with getting kids to and from school and having meals ready at a decent time!

I have a wonderful family that put up with so much from me. I love my children and my husband so much. After having William I realized how sweet and generous my friends and neighbors have been. With meals brought over, to watching my kids so I can spend more time with William; I truly have wonderful friends.

Thanks you everyone!

Summer time
-Damon Jackman

My favorite season is Summer! I like summer because I can play outside as much as I want and do things like ride my bike, go to Lagoon, play in the pool, just the coolest things. I'm sad it's getting colder, and Mom and Dad keep telling me there's still fun things to do when it's cold, we'll see!

I love Kindergarten and my teacher. I have lots of friends there and have had 3 principal visits already (those are good if you're in kindergarten). I have homework everyday and reading everyday too. I'm already learning how to read, but get frustrated too.

I'm now 6 and think that I can boss my sister around because I'm so smart and know way more than she does!

Preschool Pro!
-Kylie Jackman

Damon taught me all about Preschool before I went, and now I am a pro at it. I had a fun summer too, but I'm very excited about school. I wish it was everyday like Damon, but it's only 2 times a week.

I drove my Mom crazy with grabbing her stomach and talking to William and asking when the Baby was coming out. Now he's out and I can't understand why Mom still has a big tummy! I love my brother William and get jealous when other people are holding him.

I am a big helper for Mom and so is Damon.

New Job!
-Bob Jackman

I have started a new job.  I started in July working as the Education Consultant for a technology company that sells SMARTboards to schools.  I will go into districts and help them plan and implement their professional development.  This will help the teachers use the technology much more effective.  I am really enjoying the job so far.  It has been an interesting start because when I was hired I didn't really know what I was going to be doing.  Alicia called it my "pretend job" because some guy calls me up to offer me more money for a job that he can't really tell me what I will be doing and says that I can make it my own.  I am really starting to see what I should be doing now and am having a lot of fun getting it all started.  I like the flexibility to do what I want and to make it what I want.  I hope that I will be really effective in what I want to do.  It was really hard to leave teaching.  I really love teaching music.  I am still teaching private trumpet and trombone lessons.  I am also still playing with CB Jazz with my brother David and my Father-in-law.  I am also playing in the Salt Lake Symphonic Winds with Alicia.  This new job is way less stressful than my previous job, which is nice as well.  I like that I get time to develop new things.  I don't feel like I am always so far behind.  I am having fun!


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