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The Jackman Journal

Volume 2  
June 2004

Summer has Begun!
-Bob Jackman

Summer is finally underway! I was so looking forward to not having school anymore and being able to have more free time. Then I started my job for the Shakespearean Festival and realized that all my time is once again taken up. It has been a lot of fun learning new things and playing everyday. Working with Mike Taft has been great as well, he is an amazing player and very talented. I feel like I am going crazy trying to put together so much music in such a short amount of time, but everyone is the same boat and we all seem to be making it.

I am really looking forward to July and August when the Festival is in full swing. I won't have rehearsals everyday anymore and I will be able to spend all day with Damon and Alicia. We have such great things planned for the summer, such as biking and hiking and swimming and all sorts of fun things. We are also looking forward to friends and family coming to see the Festival and to visit us. Anyone is welcome to come.

Getting Bigger
-Damon Jackman

I am doing so well. I have begun to walk, that has been the greatest thing for me so far. I am really starting to be like the bigger kids! I had a lot of fun playing with my cousins at Great-grandma Jackman's 90th Birthday party. I especially look up to Nathan. He is such a neat guy. I can't wait until I am that big and can do so many more things, like walk without falling down and talk so people can actually understand me. It will be great!


Love my Boys
-Alicia Jackman

This past month has been great we spent a good part of the month visiting family and also having the Spence's visit us here in Cedar for a few days. Damon loves playing with his Uncle Logan.

I have enjoyed my Pilates & Yoga class, and recenty chopped off all my hair (Bob's not too happy about that!) I am looking forward to teaching Piano & Clarinet lessons soon, and just got called to be Visiting Teacher Supervisor which is a great way to know the girls in our ward better.

I love spending time with my two boys all day. Damon is in such a fun stage right now. He is playing "peek-a-boo" with us, and of course sticking out his tongue! We get to start him on meats and protein this month which I'm sure he will love.

It's so fun to watch Bob getting ready for Festival, especially all dressed up in his costumes. We will miss him while we're in DC.

© 2004 Robert Jackman