First time in the swing, and the seat belt barely fits.


In deep thought....

Cuddly Baby

After his bath, Damon is ready for a nap


After Damon's first bath he looks like Rocky in his bathrobe.

Nap Time

This is how Dad babysits.

Sleepy Boy

Tired baby.

Daddy's arms

After rolling off Daddys tummy he's perfectly cuddled


Dad & Damon having their male bonding.

Patriot pose

Look at that little model


Like to make faces like Dad.

Night time

The boys are sleeping so soundly.


Aunt Autumn & Uncle Doug got Mikey for me.

4 weeks old

Everyone thinks I'm cubby.


Damon loves to smile.

First Halloween

Our first door to Dr. Wadleys' home, hopefully he has good candy.

Crying Pumpkin?

Every kid likes candy!

Heart to Heart

Oh... Mom and baby bonding.

Second Door

Bob's excuse to get candy!

Little Bunny

Suzanne's niece & sister-in-law.


The bunny is trying to hold the large pumpkin.


Damon's first and favorite babysitter.

Try again

The bunny just wants to hold the pumpkin so much.


At the choir party everyone loved the pumpkin.

Third Door

We're trick or treating at Damon's buddy Brock's home.


Little Brock dressed up as a Lion that his mother made for him that afternoon.

All done

Wow.... trick or treating is hard work.


So when do I get that candy.


Brock and Damon having a great time. Brock a month older than Damon, but both about the same size.


Showing off his new gifts of shoes from Aunt Autumn, and friend of Grandma Deana's made the blanket.

Mom & Me

Mom loves her little man.

High Chair

I'm a big boy now...


Can I eat now...

Dad's arms

Daddy didn't know Mommy had placed me in his arms till I woke him up after my nap.

Like father like son

This is just so cute!