Three Bears

Which of these 3 does not belong?


Mama bear, Papa bear and Baby bear


Face it I'm cute!

Dr. Apt.

They're going to do what?

2 Months old

Hi everyone, I'm now two months old!


I'm a "Healthy" 13 lbs and 23 inches long.


Look I'm flexing!

Tummy time

Already holdin up his head!


Damon loves to stand up, even if he needs a little help.

So Tall

I only need a little help to stand!

All by Myself

Standing all by himself - well till the picture was taken then he landed back in the crib.

Little puppy

I can't move my arms

First Snow

I don't understand what this is...


Snow angel, or is that snow puppy.

Santa is Coming

I've been a very good boy this year!

Christmas Time

All dressed up for the season.

Little Santa

I'm too tired to wait for Santa.