Three Months Old Today

Yahoo it's my 3 month birthday!


I'm getting so big!


My buddy Brock dressed up for Christmas too!

Nap Time

Dad and I love our naps together

Old Navy Baby

I'm styling while I'm sleeping!

Grandpa Bill

Grandpa is just so easy going, it's easy to fall asleep.


Dream time


Spice is showing off his 'I Love Dogs' sweater!


I could be a Mom! - Love ya Jen.


I'm getting to be so smart... now what does that say?

Aunt Brynn

I look like I could be his Mom! :)

He's a keeper!

Hope Casey stays a long time!


Uncle Logan took this while babysitting, he's such a great sitter!

Winter time

We love the 20 inches of Snow in SLC


Damon didn't know what to think about the taste of snow. (White snow)


This is deep snow.

Happy Baby

Grandma Deana made me another knitted outfit.


I was a good boy this year.

Famous Painting?

Does this look like they are trying to mimic a famous painting?

Super Baby

I am one great kid.

Too Close!

What do you think you're doing with that camera so close?

Baby photos

You think I look like Brynn when she was a baby?


Damon's girlfriend Taylor is such a cutie!

Little Flirt

Damon Loves Taylor!