Baby's first Christmas

In Cedar Damon celebrated his first Christmas a little early.

Early Morning

That Morning photo when everyone's hair is all crazy!


Damon's big gift from Dad.

Ice Cream Cone

How perfect, an ice cream cone from Dad to chew on.

Candy Cane

I bet this would taste better with the plastic off.

Autumn & Doug

Christmas morning with the Smiths

Morning Brynnie

I'm so excited to open presents

Little Nap

Catching a little cat nap, or is that dog nap before the big event.

Lookin Good

Grandpa doesn't have the morning hair thing going!


Don't take my picture Bob!

Autumn & Gizzy

Gizzy is still here even after his memorable Christmas'


Everyone is so excited for Damon to open his presents.


Grandpa Bill is one 'Whopper' of a guy!

Douglas J

You won't get a better photo of Doug!

Swifers, Yeah!

Brynn just LOVES to Dust!

Pooped out!

All this opening presents wiped Damon out!

Oh... the Reynolds

The Reynolds family photo!

Aunt Liz

Aunt Liz is the best!

Great Grandma

What a cute couple!

The Talls

The pj couple ready for Christmas!

Grandma Judy

Grandma loves to spoil little Damon

BIG Present

Grandma Judy got Damon a gift bigger than him.

Christmas Tree

Jackman's holiday season.

Checkin it out...

Which one is mine....


Brynn and Popcorn so cute together


Autumn DOES look surprised after getting a great gift from Aunt Sharon

Tennis Boy

Logan's great gift from the Spence's