Wedding Night

This was our beautiful castle Room.

Kings Feast

Our first Breakfast together in a lovely castle.

Home of the Jazz

Jazz music that is. New Orleans was a filled in the streets with lots of Jazz music.


Bobby won some Mardi Gras beeds from this nice guy!

Jazz Hall

This is a famous Jazz Hall. (Ask Bob more about this)

Jazz Hall

Inside the famous Jazz Hall.

Mississippi River

Enjoying the day crossing the mississippi river.


We enjoyed a ferry ride over the mississippi river together.

Jazzin on the River

Orlando is pretty neat!

Mardi Gras

In mask with these oversized heads!

Live Jazz

There were lots of small Jazz groups along the streets in the French quarter


Styling with our 3D IMAX glasses


This was for Deana! The ivy seems to work well with this building.

Sea Food

New Orleans has some AMAZING shrimp! Yes, and Alicia even liked it- a lot!


Couldn't come or leave without looking suspicious!