Damon Chase Jackman

Before the Hospital

Alicia had been waiting for Bob to come get her.


Everyone wants to know if she is really far enough along to deliver, or will it be a 5 pound baby?

In Triage

Are we really ready to have this baby?


Alicia had been in the hospital for about an hour and a half contracting at this point.

Waiting to push

Baby is all ready to come out. Alicia is just waiting a few minutes until it is time to push him out.

Brand spankin' new!

This is the first picture ever taken of Damon Jackman

Cleaned off

The nurses cleaned him all off

Time to rest!

Here we see Damon is exhausted from the move.

7 pounds 10 ounces

They round up, so you can see the 9.7 makes 10 ounces, not 8 pounds like the nurse said at first.

Proud father

Bob is now really a father.

Mama's Boy

Now its Mother's first time holding Damon

Aunt Brynn

Brynn was the first Aunt to get to hold Damon (sorry Kate)

Warmin' up

Damon had to be warmed up before his bath

Baby prison?

He looks kinda sad in there by himself

Sponge bath

The nurse gives Damon his first bath

Washing hair

I just styled it the way I like it!

Enjoying the warm water.

Now he seems to enjoy the hair being washed.

All clean

Hat hair

It keeps his head warm but sure does mess up all that hair

Uncle Logan

The first uncle to get to hold him. Appropriate since he helped him come out by playing tennis with Alicia for an hour.


Bill is finally a grandfather.

Grandma Judy

Judy made it down to hold her 10th grandchild.

Grandma Spence

Deana was the first to hold him after his father.

I like this.

As long as he's asleep he's an angel!

Great-Grandma Jackman


Here's Bob's Dad holding Damon

Aunt Liz

Hmm.. nephews are the best. I give them back when the diaper needs changing.

Favorite aunt??

Kate wants to be the favorite aunt, but she got there too late to be first, she'll have to work hard to make up for that!

Spence Girls adoring him

Overcome with joy!

Proud Parents

Dr. Liddle

This is the doctor that delivered this fine young boy.

Great-aunt Reta

She came the farthest to see him, all the way from Elko NV

Alex, the cousin

Alex was really excited to hold his new cousin.

Riley, cousin

Didn't know quite what to do now.

Uncle Kendall

Last change

Here Alicia dresses him in his cute outfit to go home.

Getting dressed

Ready to go home

Alicia was really excited to go home.

Wonderful family

Here we are as a family ready to leave the hospital.

Arrived home

Well, not our home, but the Spence's house for a couple of days.

Wonderful mother

Alicia makes a wonderful mother.

sleepy time

He sleeps most of the time. But he sure is cute when he does.

Look at my cousin

I am the new babysitter

He's small

Lauren was NOT happy when she saw David holding Damon.

He's so new

TaraLee thought Damon was so new and tiny. Plus she loved how much hair he had.