Damon's Baby Blessing Weekend

Thanks to all of our Family that came down to Cedar City to celebrate in Damon's baby blessing.  We had a great time with the Family recital, going to the pool, having everyone at church with us and joining us for a meal together.

Uncle Logan


Nap Time with Grandpa

Damon sure enjoys his naps with Grandpa Bill


Soon I'll be talking... just you wait!

Aunt Autumn

At the Pizza factory Aunt Autumn cuddles Damon.

Little Fish

What's this swimming business?

At the Pool

He's checking it out... like a big bath tub...


Testing out the water.


This isn't too bad!


Damon didn't make any sounds the whole time.

In my eyes

It's in my eyes.

Cousin Adrienne

You're bigger than my sister!

Wet baby

Drying off little one.

The Whole Family

Big Thank you to ALL of our families coming to Damon's baby Blessing. We Love you all!

Dressed in White

What a special Day! Damon didn't even make a sound during his blessing, or for a couple hours after as he napped.

Uncle Logan

Again, Logan loves his new nephew.


After waking up, Damon gave smiles to everyone.