Trip to Houston

Alicia and I took a weeklong trip to Houston where we had a lot of fun.  You can read more about it in the news section.  We also got to see our friends Shaun and Kelli Stracener, however we didn't get any pictures with them.  It was a great week, and it was very nice to get away for a while.  We were gone July 5th through July 11th.


Our Condo

This was the place that we stayed for the week that we were down here. It was really nice and cozy. It was great to get away for a while.

Another shot of our Condo

You can see our dining room and our kitchen in this shot. I am really skinny to not get in the shot.

Happy Birthday

Here is Alicia with the gift I got her for her birthday, she couldn't wait to open it up, so she got to open it early.

New Scriptures

For her birthday, I got Alicia some new scriptures. She was excited that they had her married name on them.

Green Texas

Here is a picture of Alicia in the green of Texas. We found this nice bench on a walk through the town.

Dreamy Girl

Alicia is so dreamy in a swimsuit that the camera just took the picture this way, i didn't have to do anything to have it come out this way.

Together in Houston

Here we are in our last day at the Condo. We were really relaxed on our last day in Houston.


Alicia continutes to look more pregnant, but still not showing that she is almost seven months along.

Our space trip

Here is the space ship that we took to travel around for the day.

Historic Mission Control Center

Here is where it all took place, from landing on the moon to hooking up with the MIR Space Station.

Houston we have a problem

Here we are at the place where those words were first heard.

Memorial Grove

This grove of trees are dedicated to those astronauts who lost their lives in the Challenger and Columbia spacecrafts.

Holding on

Here I am in the space shuttle holding on as we encounter some space debris.

Potty Break

Alicia trying to hold it as she realizes what she has to do to go in a space shuttle.

Request permission to land

Alicia are making our final approach after a week long trek.


Alica is about to be attacked by a giant spider.

Denton Jones Inc.

Here is the front of the showroom for Denton Jones Inc.

In the showroom

Here is a picture of Alicia in the showroom.

The gang

Here we all are in the showroom in Houston with Denton.