New York -- Carnegie Hall

We had a great time going to New York with the UVSC Orchestra.  It was fun to be in New York with my wonderful wife.  The best part was getting to perform in the wonderful Carnegie Hall.  It was absolutely amazing to be able to perform in such a wonderful place.  Probably the highlight of my music career.  As always, I love New York!


Leaving for New York

If you notice the clock in the background you will see how early we had to leave to get to the airport.

At airport

Here is Brynn at the airport getting ready to leave for New York with the rest of us.

First Glimpse

Here we are in the bus on the way to Manhattan. Here we could see the city for the first time.


I walked from our hotel to Carnegie Hall in the morning for our rehersal. While on the way I saw this. There's always something around every corner in New York.

Violin Clan

Brynn with a couple of violin buddies.

At the hall

In front of the poster of our concert.

Strawberry Tart

Pigalles Restraunt, about a block of our hotel. This was the best dessert we ever had.

Scott's Halmark.

Now I see where Scott makes all his money

Central Park

Central park was great even though the weather wasn't sunny. Alicia always looks beautiful in any weather.

On stage

This is where Alicia thinks I belong, on stage.

On the bridge

In central park we walked all around and enjoyed the sights. Seen behind us is the park and the city buildings.

49th street subway station

We had to get a picture in the subway. Our hotel was on 49th street.

Violin Brynn

Warming up for performance in Carnegie Hall

Trumpet Bob

Warming up for performance in Carnegie Hall. This was backstage in their 'Green Room'

The Three Amigos

The three trumpets in the UVSC Orchestra

The Backdoor

This was the backdoor to Carnegie Hall, this is where we entered and exited the building.

Bay Cruise

We got a cruise around Manhattan that was on this boat.

Waiting for dinner

A nice dinner was provided on the boat. We had to wait a while for the line to die down. It was too cold and windy to go outside.

First glimpse of freedom

This was the first time we saw the Statue of Liberty while we were there.

Brighton Beach

While there we found out about a Russian district called Brighton Beach, so we went down there with our Russian friend and bought some stuff.

Meeting old friends.

Alicia's friend Natasha from Lithuania lives in Long Island, so she came down with her husband Alex to see us. Natasha and Alicia are both 3 months pregnant in this picture.

Metropolitan Museum

One of the places I wanted to see was the Metropolitan Museum.


At least now I know where to get my next piano!

Where's Hugh Hephner

We were walking down the street and there was a commotion with some tourists taking a lot of pictures of something, so I wanted to see what it was.

Ground Zero

This spot was different from all of New York. There was a calm silence here as people paid respect to those who lost their lives.


This was in the middle of the WTC Plaza. It was reassembled and placed in Battery Park.

View of Ellis Island

From Battery Park City, Lady Liberty looks very far away.

On the subway

What would a trip to New York be if we didn't take the subway. That's where all the interesting people are.

The Time

This was our hotel room. Very modern and the service was great. That made up for the fact that our space was limited.

Where's the Plane?

Brynn and her 'friend' are waiting for the plane to leave back to Utah.