Proposal Night

Thanksgiving Point before Bob proposed. This was not expected since we had only dated 6 weeks.

Alpine Loop

Art took pictures of us up Alpine Loop with the beautiful fall colors.


The final photo for the wedding announcements.


Married on a beautiful white morning.

Eternal companions

We couldn't have been happier! Together for Eternity.


Proud parents, ready for us to move on with our lives and out of the house.

Friends & Family

We enjoyed having so many family and friends to share in the occasion.


What a beautiful young Grandma Jackman we have.


Dear Grandmother Jones such a beauty infront of the temple.

CB Jazz

The 'Community Jazz Band' the Bob and Alicia met in offered to play at our reception.


Bride to be.


It just fits Bob!


Thanks to Liz for the beautiful bouqet.


She's really not shy.


Yeah, all this mussy stuff.... yuck!

It's her fault

Who know's what Doug is doing, but he has everyone laughing.


The Luncheon after the wedding that the family has been really waiting for.


The Spence family, and Grandma Spence.

Talls & Jackmans

Cute Couples.

Hidding Elise

Can't hide that cute smile!

Cool Dude

Riley playing things cool.

Kendal & Leslie

Everyone is so happy today!

Let's eat!

This is probably the only time Bob let Alicia dish herself first!


Bill & Deana Spence enjoying this wonderful day.

Cute couple

Kendal & Leslie have been to just about all the Jackman weddings and are so supportive.

Proud Parents

The Proud Parents of Bobby!

Spence clan

The Spence boys are being so patient.

Aunt & Uncle

Ken & Sharon

Scott & Jenn

What a cute couple

Honeymoon announcement

Alicia didn't know where the honeymoon was going to be until at the luncheon where Bob announced New Orleans, home of musical Jazz, just like the band we met in.

Reta & Travis

These two came all the way from Nevada for this event.


Alicia's siblings are so supportive, and a little crazy.

Maryann & Dave

This sweet couple made it safe from Centerville through the newly fallen snow.


Little advise ...


Noah & Nicole all dressed up for the reception.


What a handsome new husband.

Table of memories

This was the table all set up with memoribilia from both our lives.


More memoribilia.

CB Jazz

The band sounded great during the reception.

The "Line"

The Spence & Jackman recpetion line.


The Talls & Jackman couples.

Aunt Kate

Hey Nathan, I have a secret for you.


Mike and Sydney dancing to the jazz music.

Oh.... cute

Riley & Elise dancing.


Who's next...


Cutting the cake

Wedding Cake

Bob was nice not to smear cake all over Alicia

Eat this

Alicia wasn't so kind.


Um... that's good cake.