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Feasting on the Word

Sunday, May 9, 2004

Missionary Man

Today we had the lesson on Missionary Work from the Heber J. Grant manual. Damon really must have taken it to heart, because after church Damon was playing with his books like he often does, but we looked up to see him with his copy of the Book of Mormon. I have never really seen him take that book off the shelf before. It was so cute. I went to get the camera, but when Damon saw me he tried to follow me, so we had to set back up the scene to take the picture. But this is exactly what it looked like. The thing that was so cute about it was that Jake and Stephanie were over and we were talking to them and Damon was just kind of playing, next thing we know we look at Damon and he is sitting up all nice and has the Book of Mormon held up right side up. He looks like just a cute little missionary. I'm sure he will make a wonderful missionary some day.