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Greenshow Practice

June 6, 2004

This week we had the photo call for the Greenshow. We all got dressed up in our costumes and had a professional photographer come around and take pictures that will be used the in the souvenir program. Damon and Alicia were there as well to be in our audience. So when you all come down to see the show, get a copy of the souvenir program to see if Damon made it in.

We got many comments on how great Damon was as an audience member. He would clap when he was supposed to and was so cute!

Practice is going very well for the Greenshow. I am frantically trying to learn and memorize my music since I have until the end of this week to have it done. I currently have about 1/4 of it memorized. In all there will be 15 dances and 12-14 songs that we will be playing. I hope that all of you get a chance to come down and see the show!