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Mission Call! Oops New Mission Call!

August 19, 2007 Revised August 26th!

Aaron has been waiting a long time for his mission call. The Guesses were:

Bill: Albania; Deana: Eastern Canada; Bob: Brazil; Alicia: Argentina; Doug: Southern US States; Autumn: Southern Africa; Casey: Alaska; Brynn: Phillipines/Taiwan; Elder Spence: California

He is being called to serve... in the Riverside, California Mission. English Speaking. Congrats Aaron!


Aaron was just re-assigned from the Riverside, California Mission, now to the Northern Chicago Mission! Guess he's not going to get the warm weather he was hoping for! He is still excited to serve there and we actually were suprised to hear he was first called to California since that's where he's from!

Congrats Aaron on your Mission Call... AGAIN! :) Oh... that also means that Elder Spence didn't win the guess, it would be now Doug that Wins the contest!

While celebrating Aaron's call Damon got his first Bee sting. Apparently he was hitting one of the tree's with a stick and a bee came out and stung his right ear (which you can't see, but it's VERY swollen) and his forehead! One of those First's you experience in life!