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December 30, 2007


The Before & After photos of our living room, The Spence's and the wonderful Santa that worked so hard for us this year!

(More photos of the kids are in the Photo Albums)

This was such a fun Christmas this year. We have had great Christmas's before, but this year was especially exciting. Damon was so excited for Santa to come especially after we saw him on the News and his sled and reindeer were on their way! He put out cookies & milk and was so excited that when we went in to check on him, we found him behind his blinds looking out the window! He was so cute in the morning opening each gift in amazement and gratitude! With the great Kitchen set that Grandma Deana & Grandpa Bill got for them it was a little hard to get them to open any other gifts! Of course when Kylie saw the candy in the stockings that was all she wanted!

This year Santa worked hard to get each of the kids a special gift. Damon spiderman roller shoes and Kylie a BIG baby. We are so grateful for UPS dropping off the skate shoes hours before Christmas and Grandparents, family and friends spoiling us all this year.

May you all have a wonderful holiday and your New Year be a great one!