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January 13, 2008


For the past week we have been kitty-sitting for Brynn while she and Autumn are in Mexico. Klinks has made himself quite at home with us and was purring non stop the whole first day. Now, he's a little more leary around the kids, but still lots of fun. So far he has knocked down a plant, eatten the leaves off a plant and enjoys doing his nails on the furniture. Oh... and he likes to jump right onto the table and help himself to our lunch. He has a little training that way, but we do have to give him credit for doing his business in the litter box since normally he's an outside cat. I REALLY appreciate that!

We think Brynn's hoping we'll keep Klinks and I'm sure the kids would be all for it, it's Bob who we wonder if he wants the kitty. Funny thing is, Linx sleeps with Bob almost every night! Who knows Klinks might be joining the family soon!