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Mother's Day!

May 11, 2008

Bob spoiled me today! I woke up to Bob and Damon working on breakfast in the kitchen and Kylie climbing into bed to snuggle. She told me how much she loved me (I found out later Bob didn't even know she was up- so he didn't prompt her on that!). I then got crepes (My favorite) in bed along with wonderful gifts. Damon gave me a cute picture frame he made in preschool with his cute picture inside. Bob got me a book and a cord to connect the IPOD to in the car so the sound goes through the car stereo (I teased that was more for him than me! :)

I had such a nice day with my wonderful family. My sweet kids also sang at church for us which was really nice. We also visited the Spence's and Jackman's, and got to talk to Uncle Logan in Brazil. Thanks everyone!