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July 20, 2008


This week I was given a Surprise Birthday party and it was definately a Suprise!! I thought I had a great birthday with family and fun and was very grateful for all the wonderful gifts I got... figured I was in the clear of Bob's threats throughout the year about throwing me a big party for my 30th. Bob did it again, out did my birthday and after going out for a "date", I thought (a week AFTER my birthday), we were called home by the sitter that the kids were being out of control. To say the least, I was ready to chew-out my kids, because that's not like them, and I really wanted to go out on a date.

Walking in the door I was completely surprised that the sitter had all these friends of my there... OH..... and YES my face turned a very dark red.

Thanks Bob, you're the best at wonderful suprises. And Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family that came! It meant a lot that so many of you would travel so far for me! :)