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First Day of Kindergarten!!

August 30, 2009


Damon just had his first day of Kindergarten. He has been excited for this day since the day Preschool ended! Damon loves his teacher and loves Recess! He's so excited to interact with all the other kids that his teacher has already informed us that he has a hard time not talking. Hum... sounds like his father! :) Costco donated so many backpacks to the kids that we didn't need to get Damon one. To tell which one was his I put on a Treble Cleft that I had (I'm so proud of my skills on this! :)) We got the idea from Damon's friend who's Mom IS Amazing at sewing things!

Damon is a great student and has already been sent to the Principles office (apparently that's a good thing when you're in kindergarten!)